Welcome to Marwencol [EPUB]

Welcome to Marwencol [EPUB]
Welcome to Marwencol by Mark E Hogancamp, Chris Shellen
2015 | EPUB | 52.15MB

In April 2000, Mark Hogancamp was beaten and left for dead outside a bar in his hometown of Kingston, NY. Waking from a nine-day coma, he had no memory of the thirty-eight prior years of his life, including his ex-wife, family, artistic talents, or military service. To reconstruct his past, Hogancamp built, in his backyard, Marwencol, an imaginary village set in World War II Belgium, where everybody is welcome—Germans, Americans, French, British, and Russians—as long as peace is kept. With 1:6 scale action figures and Barbie dolls, as well as toy armaments and meticulously built props, buildings, and clothes, Marwencol is an alternate reality, created with painstaking (and sometimes painful) realism and obsessive attention to detail.

Here, riveting wartime dramas are played out and photographed in saturated hues and unflinching detail. The emotional narrative mirrors the artist's own: through Marwencol, Hogancamp regained his cognitive facilities.

Welcome to Marwencol is an astonishing story of the redemptive power of art—of art as therapy and act of obsession.

Amazing Irv's Handbook of Everyday Magic [EPUB]

Amazing Irv's Handbook of Everyday Magic [EPUB]
Amazing Irv's Handbook of Everyday Magic: Tricks to Confuse, Amuse, and Entertain in Every Situation by Irv Furman
2002 | EPUB | 23.51MB

Looking for a little magic in your life? Presto! Here's Amazing Irv's Handbook of Everyday Magic–a hip, how-to guide to making magic with everyday objects in everyday situations!

With the expert guidance of Amazing Irv, you'll learn all the tricks of the conjuring trade. Using nothing more than your own two hands and the everyday items around you–cell phones, saltshakers, airsickness bags, TV remote controls, and others–you'll be mystifying family, friends, coworkers, and fellow commuters in no time flat.

More than 45 astounding tricks–complete with step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations–are within these pages, divided into sections on magic at home, at work, on the go, and on the town. Learn to:

  • Magically Feed a Parking Meter
  • Pull a Banana Out of Thin Air
  • Use Your Calculator to Predict the Future
  • Make a Shot Glass Vanish
  • Make Time Stand Still, and more!

Be ready to create magic anytime, anyplace with this entertaining book for magicians of all ages.

Practical & Easy Magic Tricks For Everyday People [Video]

Practical & Easy Magic Tricks For Everyday People [Video]
Practical & Easy Magic Tricks For Everyday People [Video] by Chris Cheong
MP4, AVC, 1280x720 | AAC, 64 kbps, 2 Ch | 37 mins | 614.51MB

The most practical, easy and effective magic tricks anyone can learn and amaze without complicating techniques!

It is a course designed by Malaysia's Top Performing Mentalist & Magician! It is packed with easy to learn, practical and yet very powerful magic tricks for everyday people who have no prior experience in learning or performing magic tricks.

This course lesson video is straight forward, straight to the point and easy to understand.

BONUS: Learn how to levitate yourself 3 feet up the air! With other levitation techniques & variations!

We will also be constantly be updating and adding new tricks to learn.

What are the requirements?

  • No Experience Required
  • Simple and yet very powerful magic tricks
  • No complicating techniques
  • Straight to the point video lesson

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 13 lectures and 37 mins of content!
  • Learn Practical & Easy Magic Tricks With Everyday Objects
  • Gain self confidence through effective performance
  • Easily entertain and amaze anyone
  • Great ice breaker in parties
  • Levitate yourself 3 feet up the air! (Bonus)
Practical & Easy Magic Tricks For Everyday People [Video]

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