501 Spanish Verbs, 8th Edition [EPUB]

501 Spanish Verbs, 8th Edition [EPUB]
501 Spanish Verbs, 8th Edition by Christopher Kendris, Theodore Kendris
2017 | EPUB | ISBN: 9781438009162 | 2.62MB

The world’s bestselling Spanish verbs reference book has just gotten better!

The authors focus directly on a command of Spanish verbs―and fluency in Spanish starts with knowledge of verbs. This new eighth edition shows students and travelers exactly how to use the 501 most common and useful Spanish verbs in all 15 tenses and moods. Each verb is alphabetically listed in easy-to-follow chart form, one verb per page with its English translation.

Bonus Online Component: includes a link to online content that presents language-learning aids and audio files that review the formation and usage of Spanish verb forms.

Helpful features include―

  • Formation and usage of Spanish verb tenses and moods summarized as they relate to their English equivalents
  • The 55 most essential Spanish verbs used in context
  • Another 2,200 regular verbs conjugated like the book’s 501 model verbs
  • Verbs in idiomatic phrases
  • Passive and active voice formations
  • Updated sentences demonstrating Spanish verb usage in all tenses
  • Exercises in Spanish verb usage with answers
  • Even more entries in the English-Spanish verb index
  • Information covering impersonal verbs, weather expressions, and more

Little Boxes [EPUB]

Little Boxes [EPUB]
Little Boxes by Caroline Casey
2017 | EPUB | ISBN: 9781566894722 | 1.14MB

What happens when television is part of your cultural DNA?

Twelve writers talk about their influences, and they're more Magnum PI than Marcel Proust. This is cultural criticism from an enthusiast's point of view—taking sitcoms and dramedies and very special episodes seriously, not because they're art, but because they matter to us. Little Boxes is TV writing not as “Why I Loved Parker Lewis Can't Lose” but “What Is Up with Everyone in the 80s Having a Domestic: The Different Strokes/Gimme a Break/Mr. Belvedere/Charles in Charge Story.”

Essays by:

  • Elena Passarello
  • Edan Lepucki
  • V. V. Ganeshananthan
  • Jenny Hendrix
  • Ryan Van Meter
  • Rumaan Alam
  • Justin Torres
  • Elisa Gabbert
  • Justin Taylor
  • Justin Torres
  • T Clutch Fleischmann
  • Nina McConigley
  • Danielle Evans

Collins Primary Illustrated Spanish Dictionary [EPUB]

Collins Primary Illustrated Spanish Dictionary [EPUB]
Collins Primary Illustrated Spanish Dictionary by Collins Dictionaries
2014 | EPUB | ISBN: 9780008111960 | 22.87MB

An ideal primary school dictionary of Spanish for kids, developed to help improve Spanish language skills at home and in the classroom. Specifically designed to meet the needs of children aged 7-11 learning Spanish at primary school or at home, this easy-to-use, colorful dictionary provides the perfect reference for the new curriculum with detailed coverage of core English and Spanish vocabulary. Themed pages, fun illustrations, and simple examples help children to remember words and translations. Core English and Spanish vocabulary is given thorough coverage and key phrases are highlighted, offering all the support needed for children to study the new curriculum.

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