A New Companion to Digital Humanities, 2nd Edition [EPUB]

A New Companion to Digital Humanities, 2nd Edition [EPUB]
A New Companion to Digital Humanities, 2nd Edition edited by Susan Schreibman, Ray Siemens, John Unsworth
2016 | EPUB | 11.52MB

This highly-anticipated volume has been extensively revised to reflect changes in technology, digital humanities methods and practices, and institutional culture surrounding the valuation and publication of digital scholarship.

  • A fully revised edition of a celebrated reference work, offering the most comprehensive and up-to-date collection of research currently available in this rapidly evolving discipline
  • Includes new articles addressing topical and provocative issues and ideas such as retro computing, desktop fabrication, gender dynamics, and globalization
  • Brings together a global team of authors who are pioneers of innovative research in the digital humanities
  • Accessibly structured into five sections exploring infrastructures, creation, analysis, dissemination, and the future of digital humanities
  • Surveys the past, present, and future of the field, offering essential research for anyone interested in better understanding the theory, methods, and application of the digital humanities

The Tongue of Adam [EPUB]

The Tongue of Adam [EPUB]
The Tongue of Adam by Abdelfattah Kilito
2016 | EPUB | 8.18MB

A playful and erudite look at the origins of language

In the beginning there was one language―one tongue that Adam used to compose the first poem, an elegy for Abel. “These days, no one bothers to ask about the tongue of Adam. It is a naive question, vaguely embarrassing and irksome, like questions posed by children, which one can only answer rather stupidly.” So begins Abdelfattah Kilito’s The Tongue of Adam, a delightful series of lectures. With a Borgesian flair for riddles, stories, and subtle scholarly distinctions, Kilito presents an assortment of discussions related to Adam’s tongue, including translation, comparative religion, and lexicography: for example, how, from Babel onward, can we explain the plurality of language? Or can Adam’s poetry be judged aesthetically, the same as any other poem? Drawing from the commentators of the Koran to Walter Benjamin, from the esoteric speculations of Judaism to Herodotus, The Tongue of Adam is a nimble book about the mysterious rise of humankind’s multilingualism.

The Writer's Brainstorming Kit: Thinking in New Directions [EPUB]

The Writer's Brainstorming Kit: Thinking in New Directions [EPUB]
The Writer's Brainstorming Kit: Thinking in New Directions by Pam McCutcheon, Michael Waite
2016 | EPUB | 0.3MB

Ever have problems brainstorming a book with just yourself? Can’t break out of those old, familiar tropes and stereotypes? The Writer’s Brainstorming Kit, Thinking in New Directions is your solution to rejuvenate your writing and kick those old, worn-out ideas to the curb.

In this digital version of the kit, you won’t receive a deck of cards as you do with the print version. Instead, the authors show you how to use a regular deck of playing cards to accomplish the same thing. With a random draw of the cards, you can break out of your old linear way of thinking and be challenged to create new characters and character traits, determine their internal and external conflicts, and create an original plot, complete with the character’s ordinary world, the trigger event, turning points, and the black moment and resolution.

No idea how to start putting together a story? No problem—the book can help you create one. Stuck in the middle of a story and don’t know what motivates your characters or what happens next? Draw a card, and let the suggestions spur original ideas.

Whether you’re writing short stories, novellas, or novels, this book, combined with your own deck of playing cards, can help you think in new, exciting directions. Get your copy and try it today!

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