Fatal Females: 13 Cases That Gripped a Nation

Fatal Females: 13 Cases That Gripped a Nation

Fatal Females: 13 Cases That Gripped a Nation by Libby-Jane Charleston
2013 | EPUB | 1.74MB

Women are supposed to be tender and loving – not cold-hearted killers, knife-wielding vampires or gun-toting hijackers. Yet throughout history, there's been no shortage of less than law-abiding ladies.

Let journalist Libby-Jane Charleston take you on a chilling journey through a true crime gallery of women who have smashed our perceptions of the stereotypical feminine persona: from meek Russian librarian Lucy Dudko, who commandeered a helicopter to break her boyfriend out of prison; to suburban sex goddess Michelle Burgess, who hired a hit man to take out her lover's wife; and Katherine Knight, who killed, skinned and cooked her partner to serve to his children.

Read these true stories and delve into the dark and disturbing lives of Australia's most fatal females.

The Casebook of Forensic Detection

The Casebook of Forensic Detection

The Casebook of Forensic Detection: How Science Solved 100 of the World's Most Baffling Crimes by Colin Evans
2007 | EPUB | 5.52MB

Updated with new material, this collection vividly depicts the horrendous crimes, colorful detectives, and grueling investigations that shaped the science of forensics. In concise, fascinating detail, Colin Evans shows how far forensic science has come from Sherlock Holmes's magnifying glass.

No crime in this book is ordinary, and many of the perpetrators are notorious: Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, John List, Bruno Hauptmann, Jeffrey Macdonald, and Wayne Williams among others. Along with the cases solved, fifteen forensic techniques are covered- including fingerprinting, ballistics, toxicology, DNA analysis, and psychological profiling, methods that have increased the odds that today's technosleuths will get the bad guys, clear the innocent-and bring justice to the victims and their families.

The Forensic Casebook

The Forensic Casebook

The Forensic Casebook: The Science of Crime Scene Investigation by Ngaire E Genge
2002 | EPUB | 2.15MB


An intrepid investigator crawls through miles of air conditioning ducts to capture the implicating fibers of a suspect’s wool jacket . . . A forensic entomologist discovers insects in the grill of a car and nails down a drug dealer’s precise geographical path . . . A gluttonous criminal’s fingerprints are lifted from a chocolate truffle. . . .

Filled with these and many other intriguing true stories, and packed with black and white illustrations and photographs, The Forensic Casebook draws on interviews with police personnel and forensic scientists—including animal examiners, botanists, zoologists, firearms specialists, and autoposists—to uncover the vast and detailed underworkings of criminal investigation. Encyclopedic in scope, this riveting, authoritative book leaves no aspect of forensic science untouched, covering such fascinating topics as:

  • Securing a crime scene
  • Identifying blood splatter patterns
  • Collecting fingerprints—and feet, lip, and ear prints
  • Interpreting the stages of a body’s decay
  • Examining hair and fiber evidence
  • Trace evidence from firearms and explosives
  • “Lifting” DNA prints
  • Computer crime and forensic photography
  • Career paths in criminal science

Lucidly written and spiked with real crime stories, The Forensic Casebook exposes the nitty gritty that other books only touch upon. Here is a reference book as addictive as a page-turning novel of suspense.

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