The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian: Delicious Meals from the Indian Kitchen [EPUB]

The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian: Delicious Meals from the Indian Kitchen [EPUB]
The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian: Delicious Meals from the Indian Kitchen by Nandita Iyer
2018 | EPUB | 8.3MB

Cooking healthy meals can be creative, easy and downright fun! In The Everyday Healthy Vegetarian, Dr Nandita Iyer, trained nutritionist and self-taught celebrity chef, provides a fantastic combination of myth-busting nutritional advice and simple, fuss-free vegetarian recipes using everyday ingredients from the Indian kitchen.

In over 100 delectable recipes spread across four sections, she guides you through interesting ways of preparing the same old vegetables and fruits, while upping the protein content of your diet, and ensuring you get your daily dose of energy-filled grains and brain-stimulating fats.

This book comes complete with:

  • The low-down on the nutritional values of everyday superfoods and advice on how to incorporate them into your diet;
  • Diabetic-friendly meals, as well as vegan and gluten-free recipes;
  • Weekly meal plans featuring interesting combinations that balance your nutritional intake;
  • Tips on growing your own foods in your garden, terrace or balcony.

Illustrated with gorgeous photographs of the food you're about to prepare, this book will undoubtedly inspire you to opt for a healthier way of life.

The Hormone Balance Cookbook [EPUB]

The Hormone Balance Cookbook [EPUB]
The Hormone Balance Cookbook: 60 Anti-Inflammatory Recipes to Regulate Hormonal Balance, Lose Weight, and Improve Brain Function by Ulrika Davidsson, Mia Lundin
2018 | EPUB | 39.82MB

Women―we all want to eat right, live healthy, and rid ourselves of hormonal imbalance woes, whether we suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS), mood swings, painful periods and cramps, or menopause. And often, we’re not careful about what we eat, and our bodies begin to cry for help. Fortunately, the key to achieving hormonal balance is simply eating the right food!

Complete with sixty easy and healthy recipes, comprehensive and accessible chapters on the science and facts behind female sex hormones, a list of hormone-friendly foods and their nutrients, and a two-week diet plan, The Hormone Balance Cookbook is an informative and practical guide for every woman.

Whether you are twenty-five or fifty-five, learn about the four hormonal phases―from menstruation to postmenopause―and how consuming the right anti-inflammatory foods and vitamins can balance out fluctuating hormone levels to reduce stress and weight gain; mitigate the discomforts of oncoming PMS or menopause; prevent against diseases like osteoporosis; and improve digestion and brain function.

Keep your body’s nutrients balanced, your hormones happy, your brain alert, your body strong, and your life full―and eat the pain away!

Jasmine and Jinns: Memories and Recipes of My Delhi [EPUB]

Jasmine and Jinns: Memories and Recipes of My Delhi [EPUB]
Jasmine and Jinns: Memories and Recipes of My Delhi by Sadia Dehlvi
2018 | EPUB | 24.88MB

In Jasmine and Jinns, Sadia Dehlvi weaves tales of Delhi's ancient past with stories of her growing up in the city. As part of a large and hospitable family, she learned early the skill and pleasures of entertaining at home. In this lovingly crafted volume of food and memories, she recalls the conversations and carefully prepared dastarkhwan that enriched her childhood. She takes us inside her home and the kitchens of other Dilliwalas, sharing with us origin stories and recipes of many classic dishes including biryani, qorma, kofta, shaami kebab and kheer. In addition to these, there are recipes for season specialities and festivals.

These home-cooked dishes are a distillation of Delhi's old cuisines and a reminder of how rich and historically layered our daily lives are. From home to bazaar, Sadia takes us through the famous by-lanes of the old city to show us where the best jalebi, dalbiji, aloo poori, dahi bhalla, nihari and mithai continue to be served. In her telling, and the photographs that accompany her words, the city she knows so well comes alive in all its magical, delicious complexity.

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