Every Teacher a Leader: Developing the Needed Dispositions, Knowledge, and Skills for Teacher Leadership [EPUB]

Every Teacher a Leader: Developing the Needed Dispositions, Knowledge, and Skills for Teacher Leadership [EPUB]
Every Teacher a Leader: Developing the Needed Dispositions, Knowledge, and Skills for Teacher Leadership by Barbara B Levin, Lynne R Schrum
2016 | EPUB | 14.71MB

Discover the secrets of successful teacher leadership!

Whether you’re a teacher who’s ready to take on new roles or an administrator looking to develop strong leaders, this content-driven handbook is here to help you make distributed school leadership a reality. Inside you’ll find specific how-tos for the essential skills teacher leaders need most: running meetings, teaching colleagues, providing feedback, conducting needs assessments, delivering effective professional development, resolving conflicts, employing technology, and more. The book features:

  • Well-tested content and activities
  • Reflective writing prompts
  • Scenarios for discussion
  • Self-evaluations
  • Two companion guides: one for teachers, and one for administrators

Fund Your Ideal Lifestyle [EPUB]

Fund Your Ideal Lifestyle [EPUB]
Fund Your Ideal Lifestyle: Buy time, Find new experiences, and Keep more of what you worked for by Clayton Daniel
2017 | EPUB | 2.07MB

If the idea of failing to reach your potential and spending your best years working with nothing to show for it makes you sick, this book is for you. Inside you will find for the first time, the secrets from a quiet subculture of Financial Advisers spending time with people away from the balance sheet, and helping them achieve more out of life.

Written by Clayton Daniel, a former ‘amateur rockstar’ whose chance encounter with an entrepreneur led him down the path of learning about money, travelling the world on the gains, and finally building a business showing others how to do the same. He has helped over a thousand people improve their understanding of money as both a Tax Accountant and Financial Adviser.


  • Why Your Purpose + Your Skills = Your Professional Superpower, and how to leverage it to buy time
  • How to catapult yourself into motivation by focusing on your fears rather than your goals
  • How the Five Bucket Method allows you to enjoy guilt-free spending sprees without ruining your future
  • What silent monster in the background is eating your money, and what to do about it
  • How to go from buying assets with the hope of making money to designing a wealth creation strategy with purpose
  • How to use the legal ‘Offshore Bank Account’ to grow your assets faster by saving you tax today, saving you tax every year, and saving you tax in retirement

Boomer Reinvention: How to Create Your Dream Career Over 50 [AZW3]

Boomer Reinvention: How to Create Your Dream Career Over 50 [AZW3]
Boomer Reinvention: How to Create Your Dream Career Over 50 by John Tarnoff
2017 | AZW3 | 2.16MB

Faced with low retirement savings, extended longevity and rampant ageism, the baby boomer generation (born 1946-1964) is in the throes of a career and financial crisis.

With less than 25% of the generation financially prepared to retire, the majority (between 60 70 million Americans) are going to need to keep working for as long as possible. But how can they find jobs or start businesses in a marketplace that appears unwilling to appreciate them for their experience and wisdom?

Career coach John Tarnoff is convinced that the future is promising for boomers IF they are willing to engage with the new economy in a new way. In BOOMER REINVENTION: How to Create Your Dream Career Over 50 Tarnoff lays out a proven methodology of 5 key steps and 23 actionable strategies to give boomers the resources and confidence they need to pivot to a sustainable second act, encore career one that can be not only financially successful, but personally fulfilling as well.

In BOOMER REINVENTION, Tarnoff, a non-traditional career reinvention coach, psychologist, and former Hollywood executive, provides a comprehensive, flexible, step-by-step guide for anyone over 50 to create their second act career. Fired 39% over the course of his 40-year career, Tarnoff shares the secrets to turning his own setbacks into successes, and interviews seven other boomers who reinvented their own careers. Overcoming significant obstacles in the process, they utilized and benefitted from the same methodologies Tarnoff has outlined and shared in this book. He stresses that career reinvention does not necessarily need to be a radical plunge into the unknown. It may, in fact, entail re-committing to and reinvigorating a current job or existing business from a new perspective.

What makes Tarnoff s method so effective are his positive, yet contrarian viewpoints, for instance:

  • Don't try to figure out what job or business you can fit into out there in a sea of job postings. Instead, figure out what job or business is already inside you,
  • Network your way to the decision makers who will embrace your skills and talents, and make that heartfelt vision a reality.
  • In order to create a new future, you must reconcile your past. You must first deal with all the old baggage and self-limitations that are likely standing in your way.
  • Embrace your age, don t hide it. Be proud of who you are and what you can do, and leverage the wisdom and experience you've acquired.
  • Stop feeling that having been fired or downsized is shameful. At this point, it's time to be grateful for the lessons those experiences taught you.

For those who both want and need to keep working beyond traditional retirement, Tarnoff s practical strategies offer a flexible DIY solution for late career professionals at any stage of their career reinvention process, including:

  • Your resume won t get you hired. 85% of jobs are filled through referrals.
  • Use social media to build relationships and an active professional network.
  • Don t feel daunted by tech: Boomers invented the digital revolution (Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc.) Embrace it!
  • Nail your interviews by thinking like a consultant, not an employee. Turn the interview process to your advantage and be a problem solver before you even get the offer.

BOOMER REINVENTION is an indispensableguide to claiming the second act, encore career that is every boomer s opportunity. Now is the time to claim it!

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