Close the Interaction Gap [EPUB]

Close the Interaction Gap [EPUB]
Close the Interaction Gap by Max Isaac, Anton McBurnie
2015 | EPUB | 1.53MB

Effectiveness in today's workplace relies on how well people can pool their talents, resources, and knowledge to achieve results. It is their daily interactions that determine the ultimate success of a strategy or how well it is executed. Data from the authors demonstrate there is a big gap between what people and groups actually achieve and what they could achieve if they could interact more effectively. This book discusses how to close these interaction gaps.

Unfortunately, most interventions aimed at improving teamwork or collaboration have a superficial impact at best. In this book, Max Isaac and Anton McBurnie explain the four fatal flaws that doom such efforts, including the failure to account for the emotional component of interaction and the over-reliance on classroom training to solve real world problems.

A longer-lasting solution is based on an integration of what the authors label as fun, mundane, and tricky approaches. The fun work allows people and groups to understand what strengths they have to work with and what weaknesses they have to manage (not overcome). The mundane work helps them eliminate the enormous waste associated with poor meetings and misunderstandings. The tricky approaches teach them how to benefit from differences rather than get sidetracked into unproductive conflict.

Learning to close interaction gaps is like greasing the cogs in a gear: it makes the whole assembly run smoothly. You'll see improvements in everything from communication and decisions to alignment and group dynamics.

MKTG 8, 8th Edition [PDF]

MKTG 8, 8th Edition [PDF]
MKTG 8, 8th Edition by Charles W Lamb, Joe F Hair, Carl McDaniel
2014 | PDF | 44.31MB

Created by the continuous feedback of a "student-tested, faculty-approved" process, MKTG 8 delivers a visually appealing, succinct print component, tear-out review cards for students and instructors and a consistent online offering with Enhanced CourseMate that includes an eBook in addition to a set of interactive digital tools such as animated figures, video cases, games, career tools, timely blog on marketing concepts, and more - all at a value-based price and proven to increase retention and outcomes.

Start A Successful Money Making Blog With 7 Simple Steps [EPUB]

Start A Successful Money Making Blog With 7 Simple Steps [EPUB]
Start A Successful Money Making Blog With 7 Simple Steps by Karena Andrews
2014 | EPUB | 1.08MB

This eBook is a straightforward, complete step-by-step guide that will show you exactly how to create a money making blog from start to finish in just 7 Simple Steps. There are no fillers, just straight to the point instructions to help you get started right away. There are also images to give you a visual of the instructions.

You will learn how to create both paid and free blogs for personal and business use. You will also learn how to monetize your blog and start earning money within the next couple of hours.

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