The Aspirational Investor [EPUB]

The Aspirational Investor [EPUB]
The Aspirational Investor: Taming the Markets to Achieve Your Life's Goals by Ashvin B Chhabra
2015 | EPUB | 3.61MB

The Chief Investment Officer of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management explains why goals, not markets, should be the primary focus of your investment strategy—and offers a practical, innovative framework for making smarter choices about aligning your goals to your investment strategy.

Today all of us bear the burden of investing wisely, but too many of us are preoccupied with the wrong priorities—increasing returns at all costs, finding the next star fund manager, or beating “the market.” Unfortunately conventional portfolio theory and the grand debates in finance have offered investors only incomplete solutions. What is needed, argues Ashvin B. Chhabra, is a framework that shifts the focus of investment strategy from portfolios and markets to individuals and the objectives that really matter: things like protecting against unexpected financial crises, paying for education or retirement, and financing philanthropy and entrepreneurship.

The Aspirational Investor is a practical, innovative approach to managing wealth based on key goals and the careful allocation of risks rather than responding to the whims of the financial markets. Chhabra introduces his “Wealth Allocation Framework,” which accommodates the three seemingly incompatible objectives that must underpin every sound wealth management plan: the need for financial security in the face of known and unknowable risks; the need to maintain current living standards over time despite inflation; and the need to pursue aspirational goals for wealth creation.

Chhabra reveals some surprising facts about wealth creation, reinterprets the success formulas of investing greats like Warren Buffett, and closes the gap between theory and practice by simplifying our understanding of key asset classes and laying out a concise roadmap for identifying, prioritizing, and quantifying financial goals. Raising the bar for what we should expect from our investment portfolios—and our financial advisors—The Aspirational Investor sets us on a path to more confident and fulfilling financial lives.

Dealmaking: The New Strategy of Negotiauctions [EPUB]

Dealmaking: The New Strategy of Negotiauctions [EPUB]
Dealmaking: The New Strategy of Negotiauctions by Guhan Subramanian
2010 | EPUB | 0.65MB

Bringing together auction theory and negotiation theory in a practical and accessible way, here is an authoritative guide to negotiating deals.

Today’s increasingly competitive marketplace is filled with business transactions that include elements of both negotiations and auctions, yet the received wisdom on deal-making treats these two mechanisms separately. Leading dealmaking scholar Guhan Subramanian explores the ubiquitous situation in which negotiators are “fighting on two fronts”—across the table, of course, but also on the same side of the table with known, unknown, or possible competitors. Delving into case studies as diverse as buying a house, haggling over the rights to the television show Frasier, and selling “toxic” assets into the U.S. government’s bailout fund, Subramanian combines meticulous research, field experience, and classroom-tested strategies to create an indispensable guide for anyone involved in buying or selling everything from cars to corporations.

The Business Giveaway [EPUB]

The Business Giveaway [EPUB]
The Business Giveaway: How To Acquire A Quality, Established Business For Zero Cash by Carl Allen
2015 | EPUB | 3.19MB

Hi, I’m Carl Allen, the author of this book and the Founder and CEO of Ninja Acquisitions. I have been acquiring businesses for more than 20 years, and my 250+ deals have comprised $52 billion in sales revenues and affected more than a million employees in 17 countries and virtually every market sector.

This eBook is an introductory guide on how to acquire a business without using any of your own cash. Aside from what the book will do for you, it's equally important to understand what the book represents. It's a tool for freedom and change and when you can give ordinary people tools to create freedom from all the frustrations in their job, life or business, that is limitless. You are either a trapped employee or manager, frustrated in your current job. Or a new entrepreneur scared to death of the 96% failure rates of new start-ups. Or a frustrated owner-manager of a current business that is struggling to add new customers, one at a time. Finally, you could be a franchise or business opportunity seeker but don't want to invest heavily in someone else's expensive system. No matter who you are, this eBook is designed to provide you with an excellent grounding. A primer in what it takes to buy a business by using my psychology and targeting strategies.

The book will help you find a business to purchase with up to $20 million in sales revenues and to own that business for free in 18 weeks. Does that sound too good to be true? It is not. Individuals, large corporations, and investors give businesses away all the time. You just need to know how to find them and what to look for. What I’m going to share with you will both shock and inspire you, and it will change your life and the way you respect your time and value moving forward. You will finally see how you can be the single driver of your own wealth creation.

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