The Coin Store: A True Story of Drug Cartels, Mobsters, Cops and Agents [Audiobook]

The Coin Store: A True Story of Drug Cartels, Mobsters, Cops and Agents [Audiobook]
The Coin Store: A True Story of Drug Cartels, Mobsters, Cops and Agents [Audiobook] by Special Agent (Ret) Patrick Burns, read by James Highfield
2017 | MP3@128 kbps | 5 hrs 8 mins | 284.44MB

Pablo Escobar was the King of Cocaine, the wealthiest and most violent criminal in the world. By the 1980s his Medellin Drug Cartel was responsible for smuggling several tons of cocaine into America each and every day. The end result was hundreds of millions of dollars in cash profits.

In response, the Money Laundering Act of 1986 was created. As US Agents became more efficient at finding his dirty cash, stashed inside ship bellies and truck beds at American borders, Pablo and other Cartel leaders sought a more efficient method to get their money back to Colombia.

They found it in an unlikely place, a dusty back room of a tiny, rare coin shop in the small town of Cranston, Rhode Island. The shop owner was a young, local mobster who had already been laundering much of the Italian Mob's stolen gold. With a few minor adjustments, his coin shop evolved into a springboard for a new venture, a billion-dollar Cartel money laundering scheme. The Italian Mafia's stolen gold was used to dispose of the Colombian Cartel's dirty cash. It was the perfect scheme, brilliant. As his customer base grew, the young mobster, known as Fat Man, AKA Mr. Cash, set up a string of phony gold shops crisscrossing America. The end result was one of the world's largest, most efficient money laundering networks.

This is the true story of how it happened, a step-by- step view of how the scheme worked and how it was ultimately uncovered.

It was unlikely that Fat Man, a small town gangster, would ever become an international money launderer for Colombian Drug Lords. More unlikely was the fact that it took a rookie agent to uncover the scheme. While Fat Man relished a life of crime, I had dreamed of becoming an agent. My first assignment was to follow a lead, a cash deposit at a local bank. It was originally considered to be a dead end, "keep busy work" for the office rookie. That changed when I followed the lead to Fat Man's Coin Store.

Cold Kill: The True Story of a Murderous Love [Audiobook]

Cold Kill: The True Story of a Murderous Love [Audiobook]
Cold Kill: The True Story of a Murderous Love [Audiobook] by Jack Olsen, read by Kevin Pierce
2017 | M4B@64 kbps | 12 hrs 34 mins | 351.18MB

David loved Cindy and was loved in return. Or so he thought. The troubled young man clung to his new love and dreamed of their future together. So begins the chain of events that was to evolve into a horror of terrifying proportions. Jack Olsen, best-selling author of Son, now reveals the details of a true-life romance gone hideously awry.

After weeks of planning, the young misfits from two fine old Texas families donned grotesque battle gear and crept into the luxurious home where Cindy Ray's parents lay asleep with her two small sons. In the hot muggy room, the "cold kill" was over in seconds.

Everyone who knew the unpredictable Cindy suspected that she was involved, but the ghastly crime had been so carefully orchestrated that Houston's top homicide detectives could get nowhere. Cindy wore black and sobbed at the funeral, then began a frenzied attempt to collect her inheritance and as many of her wealthy parents possessions as she could haul away. No one except David West was surprised when she walked out on him.

Then the story took another bizarre turn. In a final bid to solve the case, a seductive young private investigator was assigned to cozy up to West. Soon the gullible killer was in love, once again with fateful consequences.

Traditionally, true-crime drama illuminates the sinister motivations in the human psyche. Yet Cold Kill reveals something still more frightful - unspeakable murders are committed, not out of greed, revenge, or blind demented rage, but out of a troubled young man's tragically misconceived code of honor and a desperate need to please and protect the woman of his dreams.

Jack Olsen's Cold Kill is a stunning testament to the profoundly discerning eye of a grand master of true crime. To listen to Cold Kill is not to forgive David West. It is, however, to undergo the uncanny experience of feeling oneself slowly but surely moving into the shoes of a pathological killer.

The Spider and the Fly: A Reporter, a Serial Killer, and the Meaning of Murder [Audiobook]

The Spider and the Fly: A Reporter, a Serial Killer, and the Meaning of Murder [Audiobook]
The Spider and the Fly: A Reporter, a Serial Killer, and the Meaning of Murder [Audiobook] by Claudia Rowe, read by Cassandra Campbell
2017 | MP3@64 kbps + EPUB | 9 hrs 6 mins | 250.57MB

In this superb work of literary true crime - a spellbinding combination of memoir and psychological suspense - a female journalist chronicles her unusual connection with a convicted serial killer and her search to understand the darkness inside us.

"Well, well, Claudia. Can I call you Claudia? I'll have to give it to you: When confronted, at least you're honest, as honest as any reporter…. You want to go into the depths of my mind and into my past. I want a peek into yours. It is only fair, isn't it?" (Kendall Francois)

In September 1998, young reporter Claudia Rowe was working as a stringer for The New York Times in Poughkeepsie, New York, when local police discovered the bodies of eight women stashed in the attic and basement of the small colonial home that Kendall Francois, a painfully polite 27-year-old community college student, shared with his parents and sister.

Growing up amid the safe, bourgeois affluence of New York City, Rowe had always been secretly fascinated by the darkness and soon became obsessed with the story and with Francois. She was consumed by the desire to understand just how a man could abduct and strangle eight women - and how a family could live for two years, seemingly unaware, in a house with the victims' rotting corpses. She also hoped to uncover what humanity, if any, a murderer could maintain in the wake of such monstrous evil.

Rowe reached out after Francois was arrested, and she and the serial killer began a dizzying four-year conversation about cruelty, compassion, and control, an unusual and provocative relationship that would eventually lead her to the abyss, forcing her to clearly see herself and her own past - and why she was drawn to danger.

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