Kintsugi Wellness: The Japanese Art of Nourishing Mind, Body, and Soul [Audiobook]

Kintsugi Wellness: The Japanese Art of Nourishing Mind, Body, and Soul [Audiobook]
Kintsugi Wellness: The Japanese Art of Nourishing Mind, Body, and Soul [Audiobook] by Candice Kumai, read by Caitlin Kelly
2018 | MP3@64 kbps + EPUB | 4 hours and 2 minutes | 111.4MB

From the author of Clean Green Eats, a Japanese-inspired guide to finding balance, joy, and good health - The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up for wellness - that emphasizes a simple, streamlined method for cleaning up your eating habits and offers modern-day applications of ancient Japanese healing practices and philosophy.

Candice Kumai has always treasured the Japanese traditions that shaped her childhood. In recent years, she's been spending more time in Japan, meeting with relatives and absorbing the culture. It was on one of those trips that she visited a Kintsugi master and found the guiding inspiration for her next book.

Kintsugi is an art form that reconstructs broken pottery, sealing the pieces together with gold to create something that is even more beautiful for all of its cracks and flaws. In Kintsugi Wellness, Candice shows us how this ancient Japanese practice can be applied to our lives to achieve radiant health.

  • Part 1: Lifestyle introduces the Japanese art of living and aging well, from spending more time with family + nature and honoring the seasons (and the impact of the seasons your body) to reconnecting with ancestors + learning of adaptation, discipline, humility and kaizen (continuous improvement).
  • Part 2: Mind explores the ways in which the mind and body are inextricably linked in Japanese wellness philosophies, showing readers how the philosophy of golden repair can be applied in cleansing rituals, meditation, and soothing traditions.
  • Part 3: Heart shows us how to incorporate a greater sense of connection and gratitude into our lives through community, spirituality, personal relationships, nature, respect and family - the cornerstones of Japanese culture.
  • Part 4: Nutrition offers detailed information on essential Japanese ingredients (including superfoods like green tea/matcha, miso, and fermented foods) as well as traditional cooking traditions and methods, with forty whole-food recipes including California style bowls, miso, soba, temaki (hand-roll) sushi, bento boxes and more.

The philosophy of kintsugi is not about perfection - it is about healing, becoming whole, and finding the beauty in our imperfections. Written in Candice's warm, conversational style, Kintsugi Wellness offers readers the tools to mend what ails them and to embrace and celebrate what makes them unique.

Buddha and Einstein Walk into a Bar [Audiobook]

Buddha and Einstein Walk into a Bar [Audiobook]
Buddha and Einstein Walk into a Bar: How New Discoveries About Mind, Body, and Energy Can Help Increase Your Longevity [Audiobook] by Guy Joseph Ale, read by Stefan Rudnicki
2018 | MP3@64 kbps | 6 hrs 56 mins | 191.32MB

Buddha and Einstein Walk into a Bar explores the revolutionary idea that sensing how long we can live is a latent capacity in us, currently unknown - just like the introduction of fire, the invention of flying, and the discovery of radio waves were before we "discovered" them. Understand how the knowledge of transcendence, consciousness, and self-healing are integral to your well-being

You could drive a car without a fuel gauge, but knowing how much gas you have clearly gives you more control of your vehicle. Using the latest breakthroughs in cosmology, neuroplasticity, superstring theory, and epigenetics, Buddha and Einstein Walk into a Bar helps you to master your entire system of mind, body, and energy and provides practical tools to help you live your longest and healthiest life.

This audiobook will teach you exercises - align the different systems of the body, mindfulness and meditation - how to relieve daily stress, good nutrition - simple rules sustainable for a lifetime, proper rest for mental and physical peak performance - and an active lifestyle - stay vibrant through your entire life.

Wits Guts Grit: All-Natural Biohacks for Raising Smart, Resilient Kids [Audiobook]

Wits Guts Grit: All-Natural Biohacks for Raising Smart, Resilient Kids [Audiobook]
Wits Guts Grit: All-Natural Biohacks for Raising Smart, Resilient Kids [Audiobook] by Jena Pincott, read by Marguerite Gavin
2018 | MP3@64 kbps + EPUB | 8 hrs 31 mins | 234.13MB

Wits Guts Grit is inspired by the many what-if questions acclaimed science writer and mother of two Jena Pincott asked herself as research on the invisible forces that shape our minds and health has emerged and grown over the past decade.

What if we identify the microbes that support stress resilience, find ways to expose our kids to them, and then test them?

What if we reintroduce the mineral magnesium, deficient in almost every child's diet? Would it reduce anxiety and increase bounce-back, as the science now suggests?

What if memory and learning could improve measurably after eating certain foods - such as blueberries - high in plant chemicals called flavonols?

What if primal ways of moving the body strengthen kids' working memory and mental flexibility? What if receiving the right types of touch translate into better emotional control and self-regulation?

These and many more questions led Pincott to simple, all-natural "biohacks" - or experiments inspired by current research and theory - complete with instructions on how to undertake them to help your own children strengthen their wits, guts, and grit. Explaining the science and her own experimentation with her two gung-ho daughters in a lively, humorous, accessible way, Pincott guides parents to learn how the underlying ingredients of the traits we all want for our kids - resilience, focus, perseverance, working memory, and more - may be all around us in the natural world, ready to be harnessed.

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